Our Programs

Education Unbound (EdU) programs assist underprivileged students pursue their education and achieve goals.

The Foundation also supports established educational institutions in their efforts.

We believe that by lending a helping hand to those in need we can foster future innovation and create lasting change for the better at home and abroad. 

Enrichment Programs by NuMinds

Driven by our mission to make the world think deeply via real, inspired learning, NuMinds creates engaging, mixed-age STEAM programs throughout the year.

From full-day enrichment events, to week-long academic camps, and dynamic training for both parents and teachers, we strive to fuel the “Edvolution” in thinking and learning for the 21st century. You can Bring NuMinds to You in a number of ways, from on-site programs, assemblies, teacher training, parent workshops, and corporate educational outreach.

Our 4 primary programs are just one way to experience us:

Building UP the STEAM Express
Education Unbound Foundation is exploring launching STEAM Express in the McKinney, TX area and adjacent communities, in partnership with the McKinney ISD Foundation, to enhance the district’s mission of excellence in education.
Photo Credit: Klien ISD Foundation
STEAM Express is ideal for bringing STEAM learning to kids who might not otherwise have easy access to this type of education. The demand for STEAM jobs in the United States has been increasing at a fast pace, but we do not have enough supply of candidates that are educated or trained to fill those jobs. On top of that, there are even fewer minorities, women, or participants from rural areas, that are actively working in STEAM fields. The National College Resource Funds (NCRF) recent study showed that the United States, which used to be the top-ranking country in the world for education, has now dropped to 14th place.

Build Up the Interactive STEAM Labs at School
These comprehensive labs can turn a school’s multipurpose room into a state-of-the-art hands-on children's workshops focused on STEAM. With activities suitable for all ages, students will find workstations
to not only augment the existing
science and math 
but will also expose them to
high-tech fields of study they

never before had access to.  

The STEAM LABS has something for all grade levels and interests. Students are encouraged to explore the lab at their own pace and manage their time between stations that appeal to their individual interests. A teacher will be present at some of the stations to focus the students and to positively enhance the experience with small group instruction.
Photo Credit: Switch.com