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Deciding the College Major for the Future Of Work

Written By Noshin Kuraishi

With the rising automation of innovative technology, protecting our employment becomes a priority. As employment begins to decrease rapidly, we have to shift our focus to one of the root causes of it: our education. As it turns out, there is a significant impact on employment in relation to what education you get. So, this blog focuses on the connection between college majors and the best jobs for future employment.

But how does education affect your job security from Artificial Intelligence?

Education is a large part of the employment. Deciding your major is vastly important in which field you pursue. So, protecting your job is closely related to your college education. Many fields of employment, such as working as an office clerk, could be automated by machines with relative ease. However, creative tasks are much harder for machines to understand.

The current jobs that have high employment and salaries are not perfectly aligned with those that cannot be automated. Some mechanical tasks are easily adopted by machines, but for now, remain the most reliable education majors for employment. Currently, the most lucrative jobs are in engineering, as the following chart from the National Center For Education Statistics shows.

Many of the lesser-paying jobs currently are predicted to be some of the jobs that are hardest to automate. For example, look at social work and human services. This is ranked second to last on the median income salary but is quite hard for machines to adapt to. So, in the future, this is one of the most likely jobs to still be around. This should be something people begin to take into account when deciding what to pursue in college, as it will majorly affect future employment.

So, what majors should you pursue?

In the short term, majors such as humanities, education, art, and non-STEM fields remain some of the least lucrative majors for college students. However, this is likely to change when machines start automating much of the STEM jobs, such as engineering and make creative tasks far more valuable. In the long term, majoring in creatively taxing skills is the best way to maintain employment.


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