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Why Creativity is the Skill of the Future.

“With creativity, we stop relying on what’s always been, and open our eyes to what might be.”

-Matt Adams

When we look at the world we live in today; it is easy to see how technological advances have completely redefined how we live and communicate. With the influx of social media apps, we can now virtually talk to anyone in any corner of the earth. Just Look at us! We can do everything with one touch. Some countries don't need to leave their homes for food, watch a movie, talk to friends, or buy groceries.

There are apps for all these services, which allow us a lead a more convenient life. So is Knowledge, super easy to find. We can find anything about any topic on YouTube or Google. Learning is no longer unequal, as it was in the past, when only certain people had access to an accumulation of Knowledge, while others had none. Now, most of us have access to Knowledge - it is just a matter of what we do with it.

Technological Advances

· Redefined the way we live and communicate.

· Apps for most services: allowing us to lead a more convenient life.

· Access to Knowledge: Knowledge is no longer unequal.

With all of these advances, it is no secret that technology has been replacing human jobs. In many industries, Artificial Intelligence does the work. Almost every aspect of corporate life has been automated by one technology: reducing or eliminating the need for human workers. In some countries, we expect that HALF of the human jobs will be replaced by machines by the time you are adults.

Technology Replacing Human Jobs

· In manufacturing, robots do most of the work.

· In many industries, Artificial Intelligence does the work.

· In some countries, we expect that HALF of the human jobs will be replaced by machines.

Obviously, in this new world, technology will be a most in-demand hard skill. But as the world fills with more sophisticated AI and inescapable technology, human skills--compassion, empathy --will define the competitive edge of employees and entire organizations. So those interested in thriving in a high-tech world must focus on emotional intelligence and soft skills.

What is the most in-demand soft skill of the future?

Human skills: compassion, empathy will define the competitive edge of workers and entire organizations.

The top three soft skills needed for a job applicant:

· Creativity: (40%) Problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation

· Adaptability: (32%) Ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty

· Communication: (31%)

Why Creativity: 40%?

From the time we're children, we're taught that Creativity is only for some people or that it's something you lose as you grow older. It's considered something fancy. Yet, it's the essential part of who we are. The world needs Creativity more than ever because problems aren't getting any simpler. As problems get more complex, there are fewer examples of how to solve them. Instead of looking at what has been, we need to start looking at what can be.

Creativity helps:

· Solve problems. Being creative helps us become better problem solvers in all areas of our life and work. Instead of coming from a logical approach, our creative side can approach a situation from all angles. Creativity helps us see things differently and better deal with uncertainty. Studies show that creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown.

· Develop confidence. Being creative comes with many ups and downs and a high risk of mistakes. Engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder because mistakes are part of the process. Once we see mistakes as something survivable to help us grow and improve our work, we can release the fear and try new things even at the risk of failing.

· Creativity makes a better world: Creativity makes the world a better, more beautiful, and more friendly place.

· When you think creatively, you're opening your heart and mind, and you're relating to people as humans. Creativity is an incredibly human thing. When we get too stuck in our heads, we wind up acting in ways that can be harmful. We need to balance that head and heart, and Creativity is the link between the two.

Entrepreneurship: New Companies are Born

Entrepreneurship is all about Creativity. Entrepreneurs see the opportunities in the world around them and can create new products or services to make life better. Their secret is no secret: It's the ability to see things with a creative eye, envision new ways to do things better, and then design products and services around it. This is how unique and successful Companies are Born.

Entrepreneurship: Creative Vision

· Opportunities in the world around them.

· Envision new ways to do things better.

· New Companies are Born

Corporate Environment: Creative Ways of Doing Things

Most executives in the corporate world become successful by challenging the norms in whatever they do and think "outside the box." They offer new ways to do a specific process: better, faster, cheaper, and higher quality. Their creative minds enable them to see new paths and methods, while other executives are content with the conventional methods.

· Challenging the Norms.

· Thinking Outside the Box.

· Better Solutions.