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In only 12 Years, Robots will take over 800 million jobs!!!

800 million global workers will lose their jobs by 2030; that'll be one-fifth of the global workforce affected.

In the US alone: 39 to 73 million jobs may be eliminated by 2030.

India will only have about 9% of jobs replaced by emerging technologies. Jobs requiring human interaction such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and bartenders are seen by McKinsey as less prone to automation. Specialized lower-wage jobs, such as gardening, plumbing, and care work, will also be less affected by automation, the study predicted. In developed countries, the need for a university education will grow, as jobs that require less education shrink. In the UK, 20% of current jobs will be automated over the same period.

You don’t want to miss this interactive tableau on "Where machines could replace humans — and where they can't (yet)"

This is just another revolution, much like the transition from farming to factory work in the early 1900s. New types of jobs are expected to be generated to support this technological evolution.

The question remains: How will we retrain ourselves to harness automation?


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